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Web Directory - Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit your web site to our directory, first browse the directory to identify the single best category for your site. You will find a "Add your web site" link. Follow the instructions on the submission form and our "Terms of Use" carefully, and submit it. Our goal is to make this directory, a useful resource for our users. is committed to a spamfree experience for our users.

How to submit your web site
» Submit only web sites relevant to the category you are making a submission to.
» Do not submit web sites composed solely of affiliate links.
» Your web site must not be under construction.
» Submit your web sites to the single most relevant category.
» Do not submit multiple sites with essentially the same content.
» Submit only web sites in English. Unless you select relevant category under World.
» Do not submit adult, gamble, hate sites.

Please make sure that you type your url correctly. After information is retrieve from your web site's meta tags you will have an opportunity to correct any or all information.

How to Create a new category
»Suggest the new category within the most appropriate existing category
»Suggest only categories related to professional products and/or services
»Use proper capitalization
»Please keep in mind that each field will become your meta tag in your new page

Please make sure that a new category is suitable for addition. Page contain your new Category will have the same name as your new Category.
Please take your time writing description for your new Category since this will be a content of the page and will be automatically placed at the top and into description meta tag. Please select your keywords carefully since they will be your meta tags.

For more information please refer our Terms of Service

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