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Weather comprises all various phenomena that occur in the atmosphere of a planet. On Earth the regular events include wind, storms, rain, sleet, hail, and snow, which occur in the troposphere or the lower part of the atmosphere. Weather is driven by differences in energy from the sun. Due to the various angles that sunlight intersects the earth, different parts of it are heated to different extents. General name for processes in the atmosphere--winds, rain, thunderstorms etc.--driven by the heating of Earth by sunshine. That heat has to be returned to space, and weather processes are the result.
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Las Vegas Weather Forecast|Las Vegas Weather Report
Shows current Las Vegas weather forecast, and monthly weather history for Las Vegas.

Weather Instruments & Thermometers
Discover weather measurement instruments. Get expert advice on barometers, weather radios and more at The Weather Store.

Globalwarming Awareness
Globalwarming Awareness2007 is all about Globalwarming and its side effects on the world. Its a program aimed at developing awareness among all Globalwarming in 2007. - Prognoza Meteo si Starea Vremii
De acum nu mai este evoie sa stay minute in sir la televizor pt a vedea prognoza meteo.Doar cu un singur click pe o sa ai parte de vremea in romania, prognoza meteo inmh,etc

Weather Report Web TR
Includes weather maps, graphics and radar images. Weather reports for over 50,000 locations, worldwide.Historical climate data for locations around the world with detailed information such as record and average high and low temperatures, average dew point

Weather New York
Weather New York WebTR. Weather forecasts for the USA and the world with a fast, easy to use interface. Current conditions, 48-Hour Detailed Forecasts, 7-Day Forecasts and two weeks Forecasts are now accessible.

Weather Situation
Weather in Romania in all major cities update at 50 minutes.Weather in all major cities, Bucharest, Arad, Cluj, Brasov, Constanta.

UberSpat - online debating community where evidence rules!
UberSpat is a new online debate community that allows users to present evidence in the form of articles and blog posts, much like people do on Digg. This evidence can be submitted in support or in opposition to a debate. This evidence is then rated by use

photo library
Global warming Images provides stock photographs that cover the entire range of environmental issues that global warming raises and also acts as a tool to inform, educate and raise awareness of global warming.

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